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Science Lesson Monday: The Scale of the Universe 2

I think I might be strange among writers in that I don’t really like doing research. I have friends who will get lost in research, so much so that, if they had their druthers, they’d never get around to writing.  … Continue reading

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Kickstarting the Kickstarter (which just brings to mind Firestarter)

which is a song and a video I am not going to link to here. Instead, I will link to this: The Postcard Story.  It’s a combination (pizza hut/taco bell) photography and fiction project that my friend Ashley MacLean and … Continue reading

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Look What My Girlfriend Did!

Which is not to say, by way of exclamation point, that such things as will be shown below are rare.  The truth is that Megan is pretty amazing and creative and stylin’. Also, I am not biased at all. As … Continue reading

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On Returning to the Future

As you well know (and you know you do) I am in love with form.  Maybe not form in everything, but form in art.  I’m especially in love with it because I it aids in my creative process.  If I’m … Continue reading

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On An Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump

So Brendan asks, so he shall receive: Long awaited, little declaimed, little messay of good intentions regarding art and art’s consequences! Can you handle it? If not, please leave the room at this time. So, Joseph Wright is the painter … Continue reading

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On the Unerring Steps of Ben Jurgensen’s Missteps

In which I admit my love of form and forms and manipulation of said formal forms through give you access to this art of Ben Jurgensen. Here’s the link.  Don’t worry, I’ll give it to you again. I found this … Continue reading

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The Truth Behind My Name

says the blog. Here is the painting by Joseph Wright of Derby, painted 1768, that inspired the poem that carries the title of said blog (i.e. Mine). Also, I forgot to mention in my recent post that I read David … Continue reading

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