Poetry and Art On Demand!

And, really, what could be better than that?

Imagine, a poet in your house, following you around, ready at any moment of the day to write a poem on the spot on any suggestion that comes into your head.  Imagine!

Imagine, an artist who accompanies you to work and when you go out walking the dog and, at any moment, is prepared, pen to paper, for your most ephemeral suggestion of what to draw and, lo! there it is!

If this has always been your dream, then you’re in luck.  If this has always been your nightmare, then you’re in luck, too.

For one night only, this one time, at some place, sponsored by organizations you’ve heard of, experience all the glory that is IMPROV ART!

Okay, I’ll tell.  You don’t have to torture me no more.  Just promise, Hammer, that you won’t hurt ‘em.

2101 Winter Street, Studio B11
Houston, Texas 77007

Wednesday, June 23rd
6:30 pm the house opens and suggestions begin to be taken (and written)
7:00 pm the reading/drawing starts

I, Glenn Shaheen, Becca Wadlinger, and Hannah Gamble will be writing.
Artists from Sketchy Neighbors will be drawing.

Sponsored by?
Spacetaker via a grant from Poets & Writers, in collaboration with NANO Fiction and Sketchy Neighbors.

Why are you telling me this?
Because I want you to come.  Yes, you.  You there, in the back.  And even you, John.

What do you possibly hope to gain by doing this?
Absolute chaos! [Insert evil laughter here.]

I suppose, truthfully, that I hope to gain nothing except the fulfillment of a dream. Ever since doing a stint poetry-busking for Inprint (where poets sit at a table at art’s event and take requests for poems, delivering said poems to the person in fifteen minutes or less or your next one’s free) I’ve been taken with the idea of making a reading out of the experience.  Get enough poets together, enough typewriters, and enough suggestions, and it’d be theoretically possible to have a continuous reading for the audience’s (hopefully) pleasure.

And this particular reading also has the added benefit of being an art show, with the art coming to be as you watch.  Ever wondered at the secret habits of artists and how they create the wonders that they create?  Now you can see them in action.  Watch, as they pick their noses waiting for inspiration!  Thrill to the sharpening of a pencil!  Wowzer as pigment is applied to paper for the first time in human history!

But why are you doing this?
I’ve always been fascinated with theater improv (Which is why I helped start an improv group in college. Ah, Purely Coincidental, where are you now?) and even more fascinated with the creation of art on the fly.  In the past, I’ve been pretty happy with poems I’ve created on the spot.  Also, I like the idea of creating art that I may never see again.  See, the trick to poetry-busking is that you type out the poem and then give it away to the person who inspired it.  It’s yours (I always sign mine), but it’s not anymore.  It’s out there in the world to either be kept or recycled or to be used to line a bird’s cage.

And why should I care?  What do I get out of this?
A lining for your bird cage.

Birdcage Tattoo

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