On Fun and Fundraising

Tonight Theater 42 will be the star of Spacetaker’s Cultured Cocktails event at Boheme, a bar close to the intersection of Fairview and Taft.  The timeline states we’ll be there from five (5) to ten (10) peddling ourselves and our wares (15) to any and all who come through the door (30).

Theater 42 has taken part in one other fundraising event, a Drink Houston Better night at the Poison Girl bar, a night of fun and fantasy that netted a significant portion of the costs for our upcoming show at Midtown Art Center.  That night takes place the first Sunday of every month so, come that day, get out and drink Houston better, you lushes.

Our mentality for these events has always been to make them carnivalesque.  At Poison Girl we did face-painting and poetry-busking (writing poems on demand in roughly ten minutes or less), and we also staged a short show to demonstrate that our true purpose was not, in fact, face-painting or poetry-busking but theater.  Granted, that show roped in the unintended participation of the audience (a man deciding to step up and take part in the scene), but such chaos is the most exciting part of performing in public in front of an audience caught unawares.

We do this – making the event fun – not in the hope of getting more funds (though that’s an added benefit) but because we want people to know who we are (WE ARE THEATER 42) and the best way to get people to know who we are is to get them excited about what we’re doing which, at the moment, involves art and poetry, but in the future involves making their dreams reality.  As long as their dreams involve the plays we are staging.  Which, quite frankly, would be really, really weird, and if that’s the case with you, please keep that truth to yourself.

And this is supposed to be about fundraising AND fun, and you’ll have to excuse the lack of the latter so far as two agents who’d expressed interest in my novel both handed down rejections today.  But, for you, dear reader(s), I present

A Fun and Glorious Exercise in Dramatic Representation

Horatio: Oh ho!  What do we have here?

Brutus: A coin at our feet.  What luck.  Praise God and all of his works.  I have never been so blessed.

Horatio: Will you not pick it up?  Will you let it rot into the earth little by little?  Your sense of propriety is as acid as this rain.

Brutus: What rain?  Our pates are shielded by this tin roof, our feet freed from the earth by this tile floor.

Horatio: Yes, yes, but will you pick up the coin?

Brutus: It’s not in my nature to stoop so low.

Horatio: Ah, but you are a man, are you not?

Brutus: Verily, I am.  Do you doubt my virility?

Horatio: Stay your sword, friend Brutus, I merely touch upon your nature.  As you are a man, you are an animal, and all animals are a part of nature.  Therefore, everything you do is natural.  Every action you take is part of nature, and therefore part of your nature.  So, please, Brutus, pick up the coin and buy me some sweetmeats, for I am hungry.

Brutus: Why do you not pick up the coin, dear Horatio?

Horatio: Because I have no hands.

The End.

And so, dear readers, please visit us Theater 42 tonight at Boheme (On Fairview near Taft, from 5-10 pm) for Cultured Cocktails.  We promise to answer all your questions, quiet all your fears, and dialogue all your randomness.

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