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Okay, kids, it’s time to grab your crayons and your pencil.  Today we’ll be using pictures from Taos, New Mexico.  Just to satisfy your curiosity, I’ll assure you that the name comes from there being more than one Tao in the area.  In fact, they have their own yellow Tao-crossing signs to warn unwary and world-obsessed drivers.

But, let us get on with the pictures.

Sagebrush Inn

Look at that wonderful adobe texture and color!  Be impressed by the wooden spokes holding the building together!  Realize this is an inn – the Sagebrush Inn – and not a work of art!

But do you know what’s missing?  Sure you do.  No take a moment to draw in the skyscrapers that should be blocking off view of those non-aesthetically pleasing clouds.

Taos Mountains 3

Here is a wall.  Here are some mountains.  Note the distance between the wall and the mountains, how much space there is, and how it looks like the mountains are a continent away.

Taos Mountains 4

Here are some mountains.  In fact, here are the same mountains we just saw! And here are some buildings.  But what is missing?

That’s right!  The wall is missing. Why don’t you draw the wall in at the bottom of the picture?  Now the mountains are only a state away!

Taos Mountains 5

Here are our old friends, the mountains.  Say hi to the mountains!  And here are our new acquaintances, the buildings.  Nod politely to the buildings!  But what is missing?

That’s right!  The wall is still missing!  Where could it be?  Draw it on the bottom of the picture and we’ll have our oldest friend back.

Taos Storms 2

Here are the mountains again (Hi, mountains!) but, oh no!  What’s happened to them?  It seems a storm has overcome the mountains!

In order to help our friends the mountains, we need the sun.  Draw a sun to brighten up the mountains’ day and to cheer up the storm!

Taos Storms

Here is the storm.  As you can see, we’ve cheered the storm up a little, but the storm is still pouting.  Look at the storm pout, its cheeks all dark and its eyes glowery!  Poor storm.

Draw a UFO coming out of the blue sky.  That will cheer up the storm!

Broken Adobe 2

It’s our friend the wall!  But what happened to the wall?  It looks like part of it has been broken, and though some of it has been repaired, it has lost some of its color.  And look at those cracks on its head!  Poor wall.

I know what will cheer the wall up!  Draw a hand to be companion to the hand that is already drawn on the right half of the repaired area!  Fill up the left side with your own hand, a waving hand, a happy hand.  Happy hand!

Dry tree

And what is this?  A lonely tree beside the lonely wall?  Look at all those other trees keeping themselves far away.  Mean, elitist trees!

We can’t let them win!  Draw another tree to keep this tree company.  And draw another wall to keep the wall company.  Then draw another sky to keep the sky company.  O, Company!

Dry grass

Now this is a coloring exercise.  We have taken the color from much of the grass in this picture, and now you’re going to return the color!  You can use green, or red, or fuchsia, or melon, or flesh.  Just remember, colored grass is happy grass!

Jeoffrey Clones

Oh cats!  Oh, sad cats!  Why are they sad?  Because they’re missing their sister, Jeoffrey.

But you know what you can do with your magic pens?  You can bring Jeoffrey to them!  Draw Jeoffrey into the picture, and make those cats happy!

And that’s all the time we have today!  I hope you’ve made some new friends and learned some new skills!  Tune in tomorrow, when we’ll be drawing on, to, and from pictures from the Hubble Space Telescope!

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  1. Jenn says:

    the spokes are called “vigas” btw… it was great to meet you and hang out. perhaps we’ll meet again, at another conference somewhere.

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