“I think that anyone would run from you”

That may be a bastardization of a Vanessa Peters’ song (“Marathon” from Mirabilandia), and so I apologize, Vanessa. I take all responsibility.

I don’t take all responsibility for what my front bottom teeth are doing. Apparently they’re slow-dancing a tango. I’m convinced my teeth (the front five, including one canine) are moving — perhaps, illogically, influenced by the fact that my mom had a problem with crowded teeth she resolved a few years ago by having a tooth removed. For about two weeks the area around two teeth has been aching on and (mostly) off, and I believe it’s because someone (A molar? Fucking molars, thinking they deserve more respect since they do most of the work) is pushing them around. Tomorrow: call dentist.

I’ll try not to use any names, because I’m sure that would simply increase the pain of any ensuing procedure.

Yesterday was my last class teaching, and it’s strange that I don’t know when I’ll be teaching regularly again. I have no plans for the fall, as such, as of now, and my planned departure for the Polish front won’t occur until November or so (after the readings at Austin Peay and UT Chattanooga). A long stretch of space to fill with writingness, and maybe finish the novel Jason Myers and I are working on. A draft would be nice (and would probably be close to finished — which is not to say it would be perfect, or even great, just that both of us, in our own ways, tend to work our first drafts pretty close to the finished eventuality).

I don’t think this semester’s classes have worked out wonderfully, though I don’t blame the students. Although… one class is better off than the other, and I’m not sure whether that’s because of its adherents or the environment (each is in a different classroom).

Lis, are you reading these?

I’ll probably post something again closer to the events next week, but as of now I’m going to be reading three times in a week (roughly). Next Friday I’ll be reading at 7 pm with Michael Dumanis at Brazos Bookstore, ostensibly (and truly) for our first books. Earlier that day I should be reading (with Jericho Brown, hopefully [Who is also introducing Michael and I at the Brazos reading]) for Glass Mountain, a new undergraduate journal at UH. They asked for me to read by name, which is an amazing and humbling honor. The Saturday afterwards (May 5th) I’ll be reading with Casey Fleming at the MFAH Salon. I’m not sure exactly when we’ll read, but we’ll be the featured writers who will perform along with singers, actors, musicians, etc. It should be a blast (and they provide free drinks, so it’s hard to argue)(Argue with what?)(Questions like that).

Wish me healthy teeth.

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