A Roust of Readings

which is what a group of readings is called, right? Granted, it’s not often you get to see them in the wild as they’ve generally been hunted into near extinction. The fact that they are solitary beasts and protective of their territory also means you only see family units or singles. However, tonight and tomorrow you can see a roust of readings in their natural environment.

TONIGHT Kelly Moore (along with others, Giuseppe Taurino being the only other I know by name) will be reading at Poison Girl at 8:30 pm or something to that effect. She was told 8 pm, so that might be the true time (but the readings have always been at 8:30 before). Anyway, believe who you want, I just recommend being there. I’ll be dropping by around 7 pm — not to get a seat, but just to hang out.

Tomorrow there are two readings you should know about:

FRIDAY at 4 pm the University of Houston undergraduate journal Glass Mountain will be having a launch party/reading for their inaugural issue. I’ll be a guest reader as will Jericho Brown, and contributors to the magazine will also be reading. This will happen at the UH Honors College and should be a good time had by all. I plan on reading “Siren” again; I’d been working on another long poem, but have been beaten down into submission by responsibilities involving school and school (and event planning).

FRIDAY at 6 pm Michael Dumanis and I will be reading from our new books of poetry at Brazos Bookstore. Michael’s book My Soviet Union won the Juniper Prize for Poetry and will be available in physical incarnations for your perusal and purchase (it’s how readings are fed). He’s a good poet. My book City of Regret won the Zone 3 Prize for Poetry and is still in the process of being born, though we know the due date (vaguely: the end of May). You can buy a copy with a pre-order form and have the book mailed to your door! And then I’ll come by and sign the darn thing, if that’s what you really want.

the details, in brief:

6 pm
Brazos Bookstore (2124 Bissonnet, near Kirby)
And I think that’s it. Right?

It’s a busy two days, and I don’t expect to get back to school-related activities until Sunday (by which time it will be too late. TOO LATE!!! <evil laughter>)

At some point in the near future I’ll have a real post, I’m sure, and your bi-weekly fix on my life will be… fixed.

Until then, watch out for wandering rousts. They seem tame, really, but can be quite vicious when hungry.

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