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I put the link to a review I wrote above because it was gone from the main page in about a day from the website I write for. This is annoying, especially since I spent some time on the review, and the whole point of the review was to popularize Don Hertzfeldt’s cartoons, specifically his DVD called Bitter Films Volume 1. Read about it. Buy it. Love it.

The problem with a constantly updating internet site is that there’s not a whole lot of lag time for reviews, if you’re a slow grazer through the internet wheat, for example. Or chaff. If you’re the chaff.

Well, then you’re screwed.

In other news, I have a website for my students, i.e. The class I’m teaching now on reviews. Part of the deal with being in the class is that they have to post their final projects on-line. I know, I know, technically they don’t post them, they post them through me, but still they have a blogger site and hopefully, maybe, somebody out there will find out about this massive undertaking of reviews and check it out. And leave a comment. Then again, maybe not. The idea of the blog is more of a threat of ownership, really; by posting their reviews on-line they have to be responsible for what they’ve written, errors and all.

I just finished reading H.P. Lovecraft’s The Dream-Quest of Unknown Kadath and ended up liking it, and the following related stories accompanying it. He is a strange writer and tends to be univocal. Most of his horror stories are told in layers of first person. Most of these stories, in contrast, are told in third person and tend to have an absence of dialogue, or any human voice, so that they read almost like summaries of stories rather than stories themselves. This works to great dramatic effect in the title novella because, at the end, one creature speaks and is given a several-page long monologue that, because of the sudden intrusion of the voice, dominates the entire text.

It’s still hard to recommend Lovecraft, but he is definitely interesting, weird, and unique.

Grade A Fresh!

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