Making rice, making nice

I finished reading Court Green 4 today, and liked it, which is to say I liked the reading experience a lot. Almost every poem was interesting to read, even if I didn’t end up liking each one. By which I mean (I think = Opinion Alert) that this is a good magazine, well worth the time put into it. A couple of poets that attracted me enough to remember their names and think about finding work elsewhere were Derek Mong and Darcie Dennigan, neither of whom, sadly, have books. Yet.

The Bird and the Bee came in the mail as a result of donating to Minnesota Public Radio (MPR, as faithful readers will recognize it) and I really like it. Poppy. Opium dream. The songs are great, though I don’t think the lyrics stand outside of the music, but they’re lovely and packed with meaning when wrapped in Inara George’s voice.  Standouts: “again & again” and “la la la”.

Also, for those in the know, of interest might be a review Laura and I wrote for RevolutionSF on 300.  It’s not quite as funny as usual, and may rankle your hackles, but, well, read for yourself, you readers, you.

The Rice University fellowship is out of my grasp, so Poland becomes more and more the destination of choice for the new year (starting in November!).  It’s possible, of course, that a jorb of wonderful opportunity will come along and I’ll be forced to live in, say, New York.  Or Philadelphia.

Because Poland is the scariest option, I lean towards it regardless, trying to push myself towards danger (i.e., out of my comfort zone).

There are blurbs for my book (J. Allyn Rosser and Adam Zagajewski) and an introduction by Richard Jackson (the prize judge) and all are good.  Which is good.  And ego-uplifting, booster rockets fired, all go go GO!

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