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I’m almost on a jury, just have to go through the voir dire part. I’m number four, and had to fill out a questionnaire that might get me disqualified (politely asked not to return) before tomorrow. Already I feel bound by the laws of court — not speaking about the case being the main one — even though nothing really has happened. I’m almost excited about the prospect of juriness, especially since my week is already cleared of class (here on-line assignments become critical).

Although parts of the process annoy me. They show a video to indoctrinate the jurors into the process and it’s a low-budget affair with bad writing and bad (read: over) acting. Not that I expect — no, that’s not true. I do expect good results. You don’t have to have a Hollywood budget in order to produce something that’s informative and interesting (read: entertaining), and this was just hokey as well as off-putting. I entertained myself by dissecting how they put scenes together, how they tried to get the actors to seem like real people and what sounds/props were used to emphasize without stating outright. How do you make someone “a college student” without saying so? A backpack off one shoulder, film them with a grassy square and possible school buildings in the background, and make his statements somewhat scattered and let him say, at least once, “I don’t know what it’s called, but…”

Not that I have any interest in making industrial videos (unless for Ministry) but I feel like anyone could do better.

Is that elitism raising its head? Does it always arrive because one knows a certain thing could be done better, and so disdain for what was done emerges like a ravenous dog? Which reminds me of this nature show I was watching that showed a pack of hyenas chasing off a pride of lions from a kill the lions had just made. And they do sound like they’re laughing.

I e-mailed Michelle yesterday. Tiphanie (who doesn’t know the whole story) suggested doing so when at MLA and, well, I feel like she’s the closest I’ve gotten to a relationship with a kindred spirit. We created stories, wove them between us, and then the line raveled.

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