G vs E

Good first: I received the check for the Zone 3 Press Book Prize on Friday, sent it off on Saturday, withdrew from all the other contests Sunday, e-mailed the CWP director (j. kastely) with the News Official so that he can promote it. Something’s going on.

I received a cd from my brother (Jason) for my birthday: Brazilian Girls. Only one girl (the singer) and I’m not sure any of them are from Brasil. A good techno-pop-electronica-folk disc that, at first, I wasn’t sure how much I was going to like BUT my brother’s gift fits well with my ears (“Don’t Stop” being my favorite song at the moment). In some ways they remind me of Combustible Edison, which is fitting with their somewhat lounge-like atmosphere.

Now, if only I could lounge.

Bad second(s): I received an e-mail from my supervisor at UH today that asked if I could come into her office tomorrow to discuss a student concern. The concern was brought to her attention by Heidi Kennedy, a name I’d never heard up until that point but she happens to be the Assitant Dean of Students. And I don’t really know what that means except that it’s a big name, probably backed by a big position and big responsibility.

It annoys me somewhat that Dr. Kessler (my supervisor) didn’t give any indication of what the concern was about. I suspect that’s a power play, since I’ll come into her office with no knowledge while she has all the knowledge (excepting what has gone on in the classroom).

Of course, not that that knowledge would help me. I have said a number of things in class which I think that students–if they were so inclined–could bring against me and that, without context, would seem damning. I can’t really think of anything I’ve done that is criminal or that I can’t defend, so maybe I shouldn’t be worried. But I am.

Just like dealing with an insurance company, one complaint against me–whether or not it’s founded–will probably result in more specific oversight of me.

And who knows? Maybe I have gone rogue and need to be reined in. Sometimes the world shifts and it seems (to me) that only a small push can set everything going awry.

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