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So, after a long night of little sleep (must’ve woken up twenty times during the night, anxious over the meeting today) I teach (perhaps the best classes of the semester, stress from last night pushing me into ultra-preparedness) and then have my meeting with Dr. Kessler:

Dr. K: Do you know D. T.? [Name excised to protect the innocent? -Ed.)

Not Yet Dr. K: I have no idea who you’re talking about.

Dr. K: This student told the Assistant Dean that s/he was grading papers for you and has yet to be paid for her/his trouble.

Not Yet Dr. K: Excuse me?

Dr. K: Yes.

Not Yet Dr. K: I wish.

So that’s what I stayed up sleepless for: a student pretending to be my grading assistant. For what reason? I think s/he’s from an alternate dimension.

I suppose one of my students (former or present) could have a grudge, but this seems an ineffective way to go about it. Did s/he think there’d be no checking up on her/his statement? I think if I was going to make that accusation I’d at least have some fake graded papers made up to substantiate my case.

Stranger and strangest. And Camus.

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