Beginning of the Beginning (or the end of MySpace blog) (except, perhaps, to reference here) (unless

I move elsewhere. The blog, I mean. My Brendan friend gave me some space on his dedicated website server thingie a long time ago and I plan to use that space eventually for writing, blogging, self-promotion…

I won a book contest. That’s not really big enough for this first-and-only time I’m able to say this.

So, let me try again:


Which means that I will have a book all my own to love and hold and hold and love in the Spring of 2007 (THE spring), assuming everything works out. Which it may, and I’m hoping it does and boy am I ExCITEd, really. Story and all to follow next, later, et al.

The contest is Zone 3 Press’ first First Book Contest (which is a strange and big step–no longer will I have a first book to hock around or the possibility to get a first book out there (again, after this one). And I’ve heard that people disappear after their first book, and that a second book may be, maybe is, harder to get published than the first) and includes stuff. Again, details to come…

This post is more to say that, um, yes, well

Hello and welcome to Andrew Kozma’s blog. This is your source for all things Andrew Kozma. Find a link to t-shirts and Halloween masks (based on Andrew and all his friends) on the side of this page and spend spend spend. We eat your money.

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