Dream Journal: Escape Your Fate & Nesting Egg

It’s still the middle of the night for me.  Granted, we’ve got to get up in a few hour for a very important date we cannot be late for, but between tension surrounding that and trying to teach Jeoffrey to use the toilet, my night has been shattered into many, many pieces.

And so, many, many dreams.  Here are two:

Escape Your Fate

It starts out in a barn.  It starts out with two characters, two people, a couple, a man and a woman.  It starts out with you being the woman.

And yet I’m not.  I’m the person playing the game.  It’s an Escape the Room type game.  This is a game where you’re stuck in a room or some other closed environment and you need to get out.  Why?  Usually, because you’re stuck there.  Sometimes there’s a threat, but often it’s just implied.

In this case, I’m playing the game, but I only know that because I’m neither the woman nor the man but my perspective is tied to theirs.  Well, hers.

In fact, the couple is in a barn but, more importantly, they are in a car in a barn.  There are some tools and other random things that might be combined with the tools in the car.  There is a sense of dread hanging over it all.

The couple (well, actually, me since I’m playing the game) combines tools and random things until the car starts and they can leave the bar, which they do, and now they are driving on a road.

They pass other cars rarely and the woman, well, the woman can’t quite see into the other cars, but she’s convinced that in the other cars, the couples driving those other cars, they are them, meaning her and the man she’s with.  She’s in those other cars as well.  She catches glimpses of herself as the cars pass each other and the other hers watch her with haunted eyes.  She does not want to be where they are.

An ambulance passes.  Later, they come upon a car wreck, but they can’t see who, if anyone, was involved.

Whether the woman knows this or not, I know that the other couples are this couple.  They are the future possibilities of this couple.  In the game, though it no longer feels like a game, I am manipulating tools and random things in order to prevent those futures

The man is unconcerned.  He’s an enigma.  A blur.

The woman is scared.  So am I.

Nesting Egg

I’m in a large warehouse of some sort, one with many levels and no clearly defined floor.  There is a top level, however, though Megan and I are not there.  It’s dark.  It’s nighttime.  What’s happening is not good.

Though it takes me a while to realize it.

First, we loll around, looking at the scenery – such as it is – but then we notice a strange sensation.  At the top level there is someone messing with the room.  In fact, it’s someone messing with reality.  I climb up to the top level and punch out (Yo, Mike Tyson!) those people who are messing with reality.

I wake up into a large warehouse of some sort – oh, no, I know this place.  This is a dream.  I just had this dream and I know what I’m supposed to do and how to do it.  So, with nary a word to Megan, I begin to walk towards the top floor and, before I get there, I notice those people who are messing with reality aren’t people.  They’re lizards.  Or scorpions.  Lizarpions.

Then the lights go out.

Realizing this is still a dream, and that I still have a job to do, I continue my climb, find the Scorpards by touch, and punch them out.

Except that I’m actually punching Megan.  I’m in bed, and I was acting out a dream.  Luckily, Megan has had some martial arts training, so she caught my punch and no harm done.

The TV is on, and we’re watching a music video of a love song by a famous band that ends with two of the male members of the band holding hands and endorsing the legalization of gay marriage.  Because I’m still in bed, and still sleepy, I go to sleep.

I wake up.

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