She has the powers of a witch, She has the body of a woman

I love how entries in entry boxes (note the exact, technical terminology) are saved forever. The subject line is from something I wrote a long time ago, for an e-mail, or a MySpace blog, or whatever, and it just brought back to me how I want(ed) the Lords of Acid cds containing all the music I used to dance to at Tracks in D.C.

There is roughly a month before DREADED SCHOOL STARTS and I teach drama to porr, littl undrgradz. I’m thinking on focusing on theater of the absurd, though I’m starting with Hamlet, which is not that absurd. Well, compared to Eugene O’Neill, maybe.

I’m playing Arx Fatalis right now, which is a lot of fun. I started playing a number of games before exams started last September and only now am catching up with actually finishing them. Which is good. Also, I just finished Psychonauts which is amazing. You should go out and buy it right now. Play it. Love it. Eat it.

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