On Music That is Not Racist

Specifically, Das Racist.

Okay, I’m not making a claim for all of their music, because I haven’t heard it.  But for these two songs, I will put my stamp of approval for NOT RACIST.

Of course, in the beginning of this song when the band’s repeating their name, it certainly sounds like they’re saying, “That’s racist.”

I can’t tell you exactly what it is about this song that fixated my attention.  I think it has to do with the silliness, and the absolute seriousness that underlies that silliness.

Take Boy Crisis as another example (and you should, as one of the members of Das Racist is central to that band), though in that case the seriousness is all in the love/romance while the silliness is in, well, the same place you find it here: wordplay, crazy juxtapositions of metaphor, and a sound that seems juxtapose dissimilar elements the same way in aural form.

For another visual interpretation of Das Racist’s music, look at this.  I think I may have included it in the blog before, but even if so, it’s worth watching again.

Granted, the serious in that video is editorially inserted through the clip selection.  Then again, so is the silliness, such as with the dancing in the restaurant and the cut-up commercials.


One search that brought people to my blog today (twice!) was skeleton racing crashes.

That brings you to this post, here.  I’m not sure why.

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