On How I Totally Have Not Been Spamming Spam from Spammers

For my blog has recently become a target for spam-commenters.

For this targeting is focused around my post entitled “On How I Totally Have Not Been Taking Advice from Experts.”

For this topic, apparently, is like chum spilled into the ocean and spammers are like toothless sharks.

For if you have enough toothless sharks around you in the ocean, by God they will find a way to drag you down into the water.

For these sharks are toothless because they’re ploys are so transparent.

For transparency is a mangled phrase, an unintelligible  phrase (Just now, up to you writes “Has understood not all.”), a phishing for a response (“You are not right.  I am assured.  PM me.”), a bogus user name (Urhenreplica, I’m talking to you.), and the fact that there is no meat to any of their comments, no referencing of what I’ve talked about, no dialogue.

For spammers (or their spider-bots) have discovered a way to comment on my posts without actually visiting my blog.

For spammers are fountains of inexhaustible hope.

For spammers believe that, at some point, at some time, someone must take them seriously.

For spammers do not understand the law of diminishing returns.

For spammers fail to see all their clones and copies and doppelgängers filling my junk mail and my comments filter.

For spammers are lazy, and so do not take the time to make their promises believable.

For spammers do not see the need for proofreading.

For this world is a crab pot, and we are the crabs, and there is a pot of boiling water waiting for us.

For metaphors and analogies sometimes make little sense but are beautiful regardless.

For the language in spam is so undercooked and haphazard that it is often a source of joy.

For in my mind spammers are a different species, and they look like this.


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