On Totally Recovering From Being Sick

Now, a few days later, I must admit that the title I chose above was a bit premature.  Although I suppose recovering could simply mean not dead yet.

Still, unless someone takes you out of the cart…

Which is all to say two things:

1. Don’t bad mouth one’s own blog unless one is prepared to face karmic retributions as depicted in the well-being of one’s body.

2. I’m not dead yet.

This is the third time since the Year of Living Bloggily began that I’ve written about being sick, for those keeping score.  I can do this because I know that most readers of blogs don’t go back to read the archives of the blog that they are currently trundling about in.  In fact, I have relied on this observational fact (observed by observant observers who make it their jobs to observe such things) so heavily that I fully recycle my posts every three months.

This exact post, for example, is reproduced word for word from a post three months prior.  Not even the title has changed!

Remember: I’m not dead yet!

And even, if I were, which I’m not, these posts would continue posting in an infinite loop, attracting new readers and new comments which my comment-bots would respond to, and old readers would hang around just because they knew I was simply kidding and that, in truth, I’m not dead yet, but the joke, oh, the joke is on its way to the grave.

So a skeleton, a ghoul, and a zombie walk into a bar.

They eat the bartender.

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