On Write 1 Poem… And That’s Pretty Much About It

As you all know, this year is the year of Write 1 Sub 1: a year-long project in the spirit of Ray Bradbury where affiliated persons write a story a week and submit a story a week.

I am an affiliated person.

But because I don’t have enough to do, writing-wise, I have decided to start a similar and not at all competing project that I am calling Write 1 Poem And Don’t Worry About Submitting It, Really, That’s Not The Point.

So far, I’ve four people signed on with me.  Please stand up Kelly, Glenn, Tracy Jo, and Michelle!  Own your state of affairs!  Welcome your newfound fame and glory!

But, you may ask, why exactly are you doing this?

Outside of the fame and glory?

Well, unlike the Write 1 Sub 1 people, I have no Bradbury-a-like to fall back on for inspiration.  Truthfully, the spur comes from me simply not writing enough poetry, recently.  Last year I wrote twenty poems, and that includes three I wrote on one day for the Poetry & Art On Demand performance.

And if those seventeen poems were all awesome and great and publishable and well-worth your time and effort in reading, then I wouldn’t complain so much.

That’s a lie.  I would.  I spent seven years focusing on my poetry in grad school and wrote, on average, a poem or more a week while also taking and teaching classes and spending some little time on plays and stories (also, sometimes, papers).  A little over a year ago I did a month of writing a poem a day.  I’ve a notebook filled with ideas for poems that have yet to be exploited (Don’t tell them!) and, for me, those ideas (often just titles) are what fuel the creativity.

I don’t think quantity is better than quality.  However, I also don’t think that quality is a result of low quantity.

What I do think is that this year is going to be a difficult, wonderful, beautiful, random slog.

I will keep you updated as I traverse this bog.

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    I own a whole country of affairs!

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