On Staying Asleep Past One’s Waketime

This was my plan: After a hard, difficult, exhausting semi-week of AWPing, to sleep through the morning, afternoon, and night.  Wake up fully rested and ready to take on all comers in a no-bars all-holds fight to the feathery, comfy death!  In a bed!  Sleeping!

As you might realize by now, this plan failed.

I used to be a night writer.  The dark would fall and I’d find myself in a chair in front of my computer, typing away at a play or revising poems.

[Sidenote: I find the night magical in the way that it seems changeless.  Unlike the day, where the passage of time is dictated to you by the angle of the light or the occluding of the sun by clouds, nighttime appears to last forever.  Writing, I’d feel no sense of pressure because I felt like I had all the time in the world: a belief based on my childhood fascination with the way night disappeared into day while I slept.  As long as I stayed awake, the morning would stay away.]

After graduation, my writing style changed.  In Poland, I wrote in the morning and the afternoon.  I tried to write every chance I could (a plan made easier by the fact that my friend-quotient was near zero and my Polish language expertise was similarly handicapped) and, for the most part, succeeded.

Upon my return to Houston, I started working at a bar, at night, so by necessity daytime became my main frame for writing.  The job and the fact that most of my friends had jobs that took up mornafternoon made writing early the best choice if, you know, I wanted to have a social life later.

As you might expect, this trend meant that I had to wake up earlier than I might otherwise (than, in fact, I had for a long time).  The habit is so ingrained that my eyes decide that 9 or 9:30 is the moment to stop staying closed.  There are people to see!  Things to look at!  Words to manifest!

My body doesn’t understand that if it lets me sleep later now then there’ll be no need for naps later.

That’s why I zzzzzzzzzzzz

p.s. which was totally written before I fell asleep in the last paragraph: if all goes according to plan, the last review/surprise for review week, long-delayed, will go up tomorrow.  hint: a contest is involved!

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