On the Taxing Nature of Taxes

1. Which is not really what this post is about.  Sure I find doing my taxes a semi-taxing endeavor, but as with many semi-taxing endeavors, what is truly taxing is not the doing but the preparing to be done.

2. There’s a song on a mix CD sent to me by Brendan that has the lyrics

I don’t have a friend who will tax me when I work
And then tax me once more when I spend

As you might expect, it’s a song about the government and how if the government was your friend instead of an institution you would have probably stopped returning its calls long ago, deadbeat, all owing you money and—

This particular line always throws me because it’s based around the idea that the GOV’T is your enemy and is looking for any and every way to rip you off and separate you from your hard-earned monies.  Welfare?  National health care?  Defense?  Education?  Pshaw!

3. I’ve often dreamed of living in the Netherlands.  Why?  Because every citizen of the Netherlands gets (or used to get – I’ve failed to keep up-to-date on this particular fantasy) gets a certain amount of money from the government every year, and this amount is enough for the frugal to live on.  If they want to sponge off of the state, of course.

I think I might be perfectly willing to sponge off of the state.

In theory, I’d dedicate myself to art (much as I’m trying to do now).  It’s up in the air as to whether not having to worry about health care or rent would hone or hurt my writing.

4. I haven’t actually paid taxes for a while now.  I haven’t made enough money for the government to think it’s worthwhile to take more from me than what naturally accrues to them through my paychecks.

There is a definite advantage, in this regard, to being poor.

5. In theory, I’m willing to pay more in taxes to get more from the government, a la the Scandinavian countries.  What is the government for if not to shoulder those greater worries and responsibilities that are largely impossible for a normal-sized person to bear?

6. Bears do not pay taxes.

7. I am preparing to pay my taxes.

8. Therefore, I am not a bear.  Also, I should move out of the woods.

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