On Conspiracy Theories

Sometime last year, when I was still going to Empire Cafe (before they fired two of my friends in seemingly shady circumstances), I learned about chemtrails and the weaponization of the atmosphere.  And my mind was blown.

At Empire, I would almost always sit at the same table.  It was in the little alcove where the coffee and all the coffee fixings were, and a banister formed the left wall to my table.  It was flat and a perfect repository for postcards and flyers advertising local art events and coupons for local stores and for warnings about the weaponizing of the atmosphere.

The what of the what?

I have to say I was pretty shocked to see this obviously crazy pamphleteering in my local home away from home (okay, office away from home).  Who really believes that contrails – those things left behind planes as they travel through the sky – are government tools for making the atmosphere a weapon?  And for what purpose?

I don’t know who left behind the cards about contrails, but I took some just to show my friends.  I’d present them as curiosities, relics from another world.  My friends would nod, faces bemused, just as shocked as I was – only less so because they weren’t the ones to have their normal world invaded by unexplained strangeness.

But okay, I understand that anyone can make a bunch of postcards and distribute them around town.  It’s just a matter of money and energy and determination.

But I understand this less, this being an advertisement for a book on FMRI Technology and how it is being used to control the world!

Or will be soon.

Or, at least, you have to admit that a machine that can picture the brain is frightening, right?  Clearly, it can be modified to read thoughts?  Or to write thoughts?  To revise memories?  To find medical conditions that otherwise would require invasive surgery?

This being an advertisement in Poets & Writers magazine that, like all magazines, I’m sure, is less concerned about what is being advertised in their pages than in the money they receive for said advertising but really.  I mean, really.

Click here to get to the Amazon page for this book, and then click on the cover to look inside the book and see some of the insanity that is there.  The ad itself makes no sense, the copy reading as a disconnected series of thoughts that remind me of nothing so much as the portrayals of schizophrenics in the media.

But why, you may ask, does the ad for America’s New Slavery? FMRI Technology! Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging! Or America’s Salvation? All Americans Should Be Concerned! by Jose Collazo bother me?  I suppose because I respected Poets & Writers for being what it is – a clearinghouse for information to help writers both established and aspiring – and this ad seems to do nothing but validate a conspiracy-theorist’s daydreams for money.  I.e., it seems purely mercenary.

And that any person or organization might be purely mercenary bothers me.

Except perhaps for mercenaries.  I’ll give them a pass.

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