On What is Broken Cannot Be Mended

I am writing this to you from the void.  My blog is broken through my own efforts, but mine own efforts cannot fix the problem (namely because I’m not such a techie and the blog and all requisite files are located on my friend Brendan’s server).

But I know you are still out there just as I am still here.

I remember hearing once that broken bones are stronger after they’ve healed.  Well, technically, that the place where the bone broke is stronger than it was originally.  The bone may break again, but not in the same way.

We have these ceramic coasters that I got as a present for Christmas many years ago.

They’re simple coasters, a few inches square with a thin layer of cork on the bottom to keep them – I assume – from skidding.  The only problem with them (and with the other coasters we have) is that they tend to stick to the bottom of your glass.  Yes, yours.

And if you’re not careful (and I know you never are) then the coaster will be carried with you as you go to get a refill of that noxious mixture you call a drink but before you’re even a few steps away from the table


There it is: poor little coaster, scattered in pieces across the floor.  It’s jagged edges eye you with reproach.  How could you be so clumsy?  How could you be so careless?  How could you be so consumed with your own consumption that you cared not a whit for the fragile little inanimate that keeps your tables in mint condition?

Yes, there is a solution.  Glue.  And I have glued all of the broken coasters back together so that they look almost identical to their unwounded counterpart.   But when they break again – because that is the lot in life of a coaster – they often break where they have broken before.

Either way, animate bone or inanimate coaster or intangible blog, the broken never again is whole.

In the blog’s case, I managed to delete the offending plugin that was DNSing me, and though the blog looks as good as new, I know that it isn’t.

It isn’t because I know that it can be broken.

And I know that I can be the breaker.

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