New York City Approaches!

So have your beds made!

If Plan A is put into action, I’ll be heading to New York City come June (or will the city be coming to me?). This’ll be the case if no fellowship rears its head, which seems more and more likely to be the case.

Plan B is the same as Plan A except for the departure date (O, Poor Houston!) which will be pushed back to August or September, depending on whether I get a fellowship to a summer writing conference (The two in contention, although they don’t conflict (Get your tickets now! One night only! All gloves off!) are Breadloaf and Sewanee), since I think moving to a new city and getting a fresh job aren’t necessarily in tune with ten to twelve day vacations within the first month of employment.

Any leads from anyone to anything in New York City would be greatly appreciated, but probably not remunerated (as funds are running just in the black).

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