On Apocalypses in Miniature

Tomorrow, on Cheek Teeth (the blog incarnation of Trachodon magazine) I have a story going up called “The Beast”.  And, yes, in part, it’s about the end of a world (the end of the whole world, and the end of the world emotionally for the main characters).

Two other stories I’ve written this year also deal, pretty directly, with the end of the world.  Also, they are relatively short (between 500 to 900 words each).  Apparently, I’ve a thing for apocalypses and the events preceding them and for having them be very, very short.

(Note: I’m not talking about the apocalypses themselves being short.  In “The Beast”, at least, the end of the world might take a very, very long time.)

I’m not sure what makes me interested about the end of the world.  Perhaps it’s what we choose to do with our final time left, much like the guy in that King Missile song who tries to ask somebody out before the world ends and ends up getting run over by a steamroller.

I just ruined that song for you, but it’s okay.  Remember, it’s not the end that matters, but how you get there.  And, to be frank, teleportation is just not fair.

So today, having written my third story about the end of the world, I was thinking that maybe I’ll make a collection of them.  I’d call it This is the Way the World Ends but that’s already been used by James Morrow and the book is awesome and funny and really you should go out and buy it right now rather than waiting for me to finish a theoretical book about theoretical ways the world could theoretically end, in theory.

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