I’m late! I’m late!

for a very important–

Aw, who am I kidding. No important dates here. (Unless you count May 16th and 17th! See previous post!) And some day I’m going to get tired of exclamation points, I’m sure, but not just yet.

So, I’ve been slow on everything. Last week I finished writing a review of Sandra Beasley’s Theories of Falling but that was it. I’ve thought about more, but if thoughts were trees the birds would be crowding the ocean.

Ahem! Ahem.

Writing reviews for me is like writing papers, I’ve discovered, and papers were what I avoided throughout my schooling. What I mean is (Yes, I avoided them ALL!) that reviews aren’t fulfilling enough. I don’t finish a review and then immediately want to show it to everyone I know, eager for their responses, their praise, their corrections of all the mistakes I overlooked in my hurry to get it out into the world.

And like papers (both the grading variety and the writing subspecies) reviews weigh on me like a lead tophat. Which is not to say there isn’t value in writing them, because there is, and reviews often lead me deeper into mining my own ideas about my own writing even as I repeatedly x-ray another’s work.

This review was written for Zoland Poetry, and hopefully they’ll like it, because then I’ll be getting paid for writing the review which is the next step in my slow climb towards world domination.



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