Quick note, and a threat

Ha! Got you to read, diddle-I?

So, the NOTE: If you’re interested in my reviews, enjoy reading them, deconstructing them, pointing out my grammatical and theoretical flaws, well, today is your


since I have a review of a video game called Painkiller and it’s sequel Battle Out of Hell here. It was written over my lonely Christmas in Poland where, need I remind you, everything shuts down (EVERYTHING) for three days right around the holiday. So, um, a lot of writing/reading got done. No loneliness here. None at all.

In other news (the above-mentioned threat) I’m planning on moving my computer into a new mid-tower case today since there’s a problem with the old one (I think I damaged the power button through my constant attempts at fixing–the threat is that I’ll somehow destroy something integral in the shift-change and won’t be on-line for a while) and I like to spend money. I don’t have. Well, I have it, but I won’t soon unless I get some sort of job in the short-time and a better sort of job in the long-term. Please cross your nose-hairs for me. It’s difficult, I know, but that’s what makes it all the more lucky.

Also, before it becomes more completely out-of-date than it already is, here‘s Bill O’Reilly on the difference between White people and Black people.

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