I want your soul, and so does everyone else

There’s a show called Off the Air.  You should watch it.  Watching it is quite easy.  All the episodes are available in ten-minute chunks on YouTube.  Ten-minute chunks because that is how long they are.  The episodes.

I’m not sure why I’m talking like this.  Perhaps it is because I am in need of a soul.

Anyway.  This show on YouTube that is also on TV somewhere.  I don’t know where because I don’t have TV.  I have a TV.  Somehow, it isn’t the same.

Anyway.  This show is strange.  It is many different elements stitched together by a madman.  Or a scientist.  Or a brilliant child.  Watching Off the Air is mind-threatening.

On that show there was a clip of a music video.  That music video was so arresting that I was compelled to search it out.  The results of that search are below.  Watch them.  Watch it.  Realize that you are both the consumer and the consumed.

I am a producer of things to be consumed.  I am trapped in an infinite loop.  I do not like the beach.  There is no hope for me.

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