So I’ve given up all hope

of saying anything really important anymore on this blog.  If I think too much about it — whether “it” is writing, thoughts about a book, movie, etc., or people (you know who you are) — then I write nothing.

Instead, here is this:

Which is to say that I mostly pretty much love the Scissor Sisters. Their videos end up (again, mostly) being strange and expressive and experimental and interesting. It doesn’t hurt that they often have good hooks (or that the band members, when in the video, are awesome to watch).

This video interests me because it is pretty much clearly defined to be uncomfortable (in a way that the song it’s illustrating was never meant to be). Who are these kids, where is this school, and who thought this would be a good idea? (The answer: Clearly the woman playing the piano.) Of course, I say that, but I would’ve loved to be in a school where this is the sort of theatrical presentation that was put on. And I say that partly because the whole exercise is so overtly theatrical. Look at that blood! The car! We’re watching anti-realism! Brecht and Artaud are alive and well and in elementary school.

Lastly, even though a large part of what charms me about this video is the clear awkwardness of the kids (and the clear fun they are having) that one kid in the back near the end clearly knows how to dance.

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  1. Frank says:

    You dont have to say anything important. I love you. Lets hang out this weekend?

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