I am French! I am musical!

In my regular trolling of the internets (as in fishing, not as in purposely making enemies, though I suppose those fishing boats do make enemies of the ocean’s wildlife and one day, mark my fishy word, the finned and gilled will rise up to take vengeance!) for mentions of my name (don’t knock it ’til you’ve tried it — I once found out this way that a poem of mine had been published and the magazine hadn’t alerted me to the fact) I found that there was a song that was using the text of one of my Prince poems.

This was a little like finding a MySpace page where a teenage girl listed me as one of her favorite poets.  I.e., A little unbelievable, a little bit strange, a little bit this-is-what-googling-oneself-is-for.

Then I noticed that the name of the musician was Samuel Rochery.

Ah, Samuel Rochery!  Frenchman of my heart!  I don’t know how we actually met (on-line, since we’ve never met on person) but when you offered to translate some of my poems into French I was overjoyed!  My poems in another language, messing with foreign minds, possibly even being liked!  Who knew such things were possible?

You did.  And you can find Rochery’s translations of my poems here and here.  In French, naturally.  Which I can’t read.

As far as I can tell, one of those poems has been integrated into this song that Rochery has constructed from, again, as far as I can tell, a variety of sources.  If anyone speaks French and can interpret in and around the music, feel free to tell me which poem has been so immortalized.

Listen to the song here.  It’s number two in the list (“Prince of Persia”).

I think it’s pretty cool, and hopefully you will, too.

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