Monthly Music Monday: “Stress” by Justice

I want to point out that this video is a mini-movie, and one that I find very, very disturbing. The first dozen times I watched it I found myself crying–it’s such a perfect distillation of people’s inhumanity to one another, made especially poignant because the victimizers clearly have nothing themselves (not to mention they are so young). (Though I guess I just mentioned it. Is that part of the pathos of the piece, seeing kids on the verge of switching from innocent to experienced (i.e., becoming teenagers) being utter demons?)

The music drives the movie, underscoring both the despair and the desperation in the video, the utter nihilism that, at the end, causes the film to eat itself, the mini-documentary combusting with the main actors turning on those who’ve been filming them this entire time.

What gets me every time in the video is those moments when people are being terrorized, and other people just sit back and watch–they don’t try and stop what’s going on, or help those in danger: they don’t want to be involved, which allows what we’re watching to continue, unabated.

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