Two news interviews (Each rhyme a dime)

I’m here just to let you know of two recent interviews I’ve had that have recently been posted on the internet.

The first was done by Keith Montesano as part of his wonderful blog called First Book Interviews which, as you might have guessed, consists of interviews with first-book poets. Keith’s interviews all follow the same basic pattern with many of the same questions — How long had you sent out the book before it was taken? How was the process of assembling the manuscript? — but each interview is unique and interesting not only because of the different responders, but because Keith carefully reads each poet’s book and tailors the questions to fit them specifically.

The second interview was an interrogation via e-mail by my friend John Pursley III for The Country Dog Review. John knows me pretty well and was familiar with my work long before the interview, so his questions delve deeper into the book, using his knowledge of me as a guide. It’s worth a read not only for John’s incisive questions but also because the link will take you to The Country Dog Review, which is also worth a read. And I’m not only saying that because the current issue has a poem of mine. That’s right, this post is completely informative in nature, not self-promotive.

Next to lastly, here’s a link to an interview Kathleen Rooney oversaw for the on-line appendage of Ploughshares. If nothing else, it contains my recipe for gumbo, for you to follow at your own risk.

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