I really, really, really, really like exclamation points.

Just a short post today, detailing two things.

One: About a third of the way through National Write-a-Really-Really-Really-Really-Long-Poem Month and The Ballad of Phineas Gage (not the actual title) is about seventy lines long. So, at this rate, I’m looking at a final poem of 150 to 200 lines. I emphasize here and now that this will be more draughty than any other drafts, mostly because of the constraints of writing. For example, even if I get finished with the poem on, say, the 20th, I still have to write for ten days, on the poem. I imagine the final count, after trimming, will be a hundred lines or so.

Two: I looked at this today, a pictorial account of the fall of the Berlin Wall. It consists of both historical photos from 1989 and those from the celebration that took place just a few days ago. This teared me up, though I can’t rightly explain why. I post the link here in case you find (or want to find) yourself in a similar position.

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