Reading tomorrow! Experience Phineas Gage in all its poetic glory!

Tomorrow (Remember, Remember the 8th of December!) I’ll be reading with Amanda Auchter as part of the NANO Reading Series at Kaboom Books. This is the main Kaboom Books on Houston Avenue, and we’ll be reading at 7:30 pm. Afterwards, there’ll be a reception-type thing in honor of the release of NANO Fiction’s newest issue.

For this reading I’ll be reading (reading? Reading!) poems from my experiments of the last two months. For those of you who have let the important details slip your mind, I mean the October Poetry-A-Thon (I keep writing “thong”) where I and a select few others wrote a poem a day, and November’s Write-a-Really-Really-Really-Really-Long-Poem Month, where I wrote a really, really, really, really long poem. “Phineas Gage”, the really times four long poem, takes twelve minutes or so to read, so I’ll probably read that and three other poems. Unless people say that they don’t want to hear the epic, in which case shorter poems will be the norm. Ha HA! Take that, planning!

So, if you’re in town, able to drive or be driven (though not by me, as I don’t have a car), then come out and see poets poeticize and eat, drink, and be merry, for tomorrow we (hopefully, do not) die!

As with the Poison Pen reading in August, this reading, and especially the main poem I’ll be reading, are funded in part by an individual artist grant from the Houston Arts Alliance.

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