Not Really a Post(age stamp)

Tomorrow I rise at 6 am or thereabouts to board a taxi on route to the airport (hopefully I’ll find one that has that stop on its agenda) and I’ve been practicing for early arisal by staying up until 8 am lastnightImeanthismorning.

For your edification, my last view of Kraków in the daylight (such as a gray sky permits):

Today is the day for goodbyes, and I’m rushing off soon to have a farewell tea with D. and then coming back to the center for a farewell dinner with Mik and Dag, and then running to a bar to have a krupnik which Lorraine implored I should do in her memory, and probably trying to find a place for apple cake and ice cream (which I’m not as every-day-tempted by in the U.S.) (though maybe that’s changed maybe I’m a sugarfiend maybe I’m a rally for all energy sources in crystalline form maybe I’m a drug maybe I’m a marmot mammal magroth mammon).

Or perhaps no apple cake.

See you in the US o’ A!

(Unless you’re staying in Kraków. Sad face.)

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