A Short History of… IT’S SNOWING!

No, not a short history of snowing (though it has only been snowing a short while (half a day) so I guess the history wouldn’t take much time to relate) (In fact, here it is: This morning I woke to that filtering of light signifying a disturbance in the air, light colored by something, a veil covering the dawn. I was tempted to stay in all day, but didn’t have enough food, and I really should experience the snow since that’s what I was looking forward to (just, perhaps, not the extreme cold I hear is in the offing).

As when I ventured to Houston for the first time, lonely on my birthday, I’ve turned to personals to meeting people. Apparently, people in Poland don’t go to bars to meet people (I’ve mentioned this before) but to spend time with friends, going in groups and leaving in groups and groups intermixing only if sitting close together or if mutual friends are scattered between both. (And I’ve met some of my best friends through personals: Well, one, Ashley, yes, you’re the lucky one! Revealed here for all!)

It’s been a strange experience, mostly because I’m not much of a dater, so my experience is near nil. Still, I’ve had fun times with some people and will probably definitely be seeing one again. The strangest thing I can think of about my experiences is that there seems a rampant joblessness in Poland. Not rampant, but out of the people I’ve met (and talked to online) only 1 out of 5 has a job at the moment. The fact that Krakow is partly a student town (at least the city center is) might have something to do with it.

Things I want to note before I forget:

1. I might have a cell phone in the near future. I received an old one of Dag’s and will be tying to buy temporary minutes from a store today.
2. The answering service for my phone really does work now. I have yet to actually check for a message, but Dag let me use her current cell phone to call myself (Like googling, but out of date) and’ll have experience later today.
3. I have a canker sore on my tongue. It hurts. Hot tea seems to help.
4. In other health news, I need to eat better. I’m eating less in Kraków, which some people might consider better, but not as healthy (I think). And I left my vitamins at home, have yet to buy any here.

A number of those I’ve been talking to have returned to Poland after short times abroad (hence their ability to speak English contrasted with mine to speak (mówic) Polish) and have returned citing homesickness as a major reason. I don’t remember ever being homesick, proper, which I would define as the desire to get back home, to miss home, to wish to be there instead of here (wherever here is). I just get depressed and lonely for some sort of community nearby.

Which is probably why I’ve been having dreams that include people I know back from the States. Last night, special guest appearances by Hev and Emily. The dream was pretty banal for the most part (more than most of my dreams are) except that we were in Kraków, Hev was visiting, and then Emily showed up just outside the front door, across the street, living in a hollow wall (for the moment… she was doing this under sufferance of the barstaff who worked the wall). Once we went out to talk to her (she drew us out by drawing pictures of Winnie the Pooh characters and putting them up to the window), Emily said I was lucky enough to be able to go buy cigarettes for her. Which, indeed, I did feel lucky for. Hev and her exchanged some heated conversation, but on the way to the cigarettes, Hev said she liked Emily. After returning (and after Hev bought cigarettes of her own) we went back into my apartment, but Emily looked so forlorn out there that we let her in. And proceeded to eat pizza and watch television.

I don’t know if you’ve seen this show, or if it’s still on with the writer’s strike, but I’m only going from ads I’ve seen: One comic who does impressions of everyone. We saw his show, but after a few comedic pieces he began to do something serious (and fantasy-oriented, if that devolves your view of the serious) called Jack the Plunderer, which involved the training of Jack to be (you guessed it) the Plunderer of his castle. The story was pretty intricate from there on out (and, strangely, as it continued, I remember the three of us talking in the background, explaining certain points, etc.). Back to normal dreamtime.

Still, as you can see, I may not be apparently homesick (or sick) but the symptoms are there nonetheless.

And still no contact from other schools.

Oh, and here’s a crazy image:

Which is originally from here (or someplace like it).

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