Sickity. Sickity. Sick.

If I hadn’t gotten rid of the picture of Jeoffrey curled in my bed, that’s the picture I would’ve used. Last night I went to sleep early, felt like I was burning in my sheets, and the only reason I’m out today (besides assuaging you, my dear readers, my clear readers) is because I needed supplies. If I knew how, and had the internet connection to do so, I might’ve ordered everything to my door. It’s not so much fun being sick where there’s no one to take care of you, and you’re not knowledgeable enough to take care of yourself.

My sickness (I believe) is partly the result of worrying about the phone interview I had yesterday. It went well, but as usual my body was self-destructing beforehand. Well, I guess I can look forward to two more such days of physical terror since I have two more universities interested in interviewing me.




In other good (or at least interesting) news, I found that I might consider the job at the college with the 4/4 teaching load. Besides the fact that they are working towards University status, which would mean a 3/3 teaching load, the interviewers seemed really interesting, nice, fun, etc., etc., as much as you can tell from a phone call. Also, they were very forgiving about the interview taking place in a bar (which has wireless) as opposed to an internet cafe–the bar has little to no lag in conversation, while the internet cafe is lagged up like a lumberjack.

As for the turning around to like who likes me, this seems to happen often when someone (well, jobs, at least) shows interest; I find what’s good about them as well. Now if that could only work as well with people.

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