Polish Language Lesson Trzynascie

Potrzebuję koperti. = I need envelopes.

I haven’t used this phrase yet. When I’ve gone to the post office (Poczty Głowny) so far (technically, that’s how you say the Main Post Office) I’ve used English, because I feel horribly embarrassed using Polish when I can’t actually yet pronounce things correctly nor can I understand responses in Polish. Yet, I have to use Polish sometime.


I will use Polish phrases, memorized, either from a handbook or created (like the above) for the occasion as much as possible in order to get over my embarrassment and to become a better speaker.

Learning a language isn’t a single task, it’s at least four: Learning to read, Learning to write, Learning to speak, and Learning to understand. I’ve been focusing these past four years on the first and, somewhat, on the fourth.

As I learn more and more, what I know seems to be so simple, even though I know what I know, as small as it is, such as the word Dalajlama clearly being the Dalai Lama, but when that word is ensconced into so many similar looking words, it can be hard to pinpoint, especially when it’s also presented as Dalajlamy and Dalajlamę.

Things I’m trying to currently remember:

Jednak = However (hard, because I confuse it with the forms of Jeden, which means 1)

Oraz = As well as

Trzeba = One ought to

Ponieważ = Because

It’s a sky blue sky.

The satellites are out tonight.

Which is to say, I love Laurie Anderson.

Your eyes.

It’s a day’s work.

Just looking into them.

Today, the big(gest) interview. Out of the three interviews I will have had, this is the one that most excites me. Partially, that’s because it’s only a one-year replacement appointment for a faculty member on leave, which gives me a chance to see whether I’ll truly like this teaching thing once I’m thrust into an unromantic job just like everyone else (assuming every job becomes unromantic once brought down to the actual). That’s only a small part, however.

In addition, the department is also [from their job posting] founded upon strong ties between the study of literature and the practice of creative expression, and they’re also strongly interested in poetics (the study of how poetry works upon the reader as well as how it is created, i.e. what does the poet instill in a poem to work his/her magic upon the unwary layer of eyes) (now, don’t go imagining a layer of eyes. That’s just silly, and not at all what I meant. [Are you sure? –Ed.] Of course, I’m the author. [Ah, then you’re opinion doesn’t really count, does it? –Ed.] Oh forget it. [I don’t have to listen to you. –Ed.] Fine. [That’s right it’s fine. –Ed.] Look, I’m going to move on, is that okay with you? [No. –Ed.]

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