Dream Journal: The Mad Scientist

This is a dream in three parts that are definitely not seamless.

The first, of which I’ll only be telling you the end, involved me wandering around a school that I used to go to, but I was far too old for it now.  I ended up at the top floor of a mega-dorm and made my way down through youngsters feeling very out of place.  It was the end of the semester (or the beginning) and I was searching for someone I knew, some girl, but I had no idea where she was.

As I exited the dorm and walked through the causeway of some nearby buildings, night began to fall.  It was Christmas and a group of students on the campus green were being led through Christmas carols.  They were surrounded by candles and lit by a flickering light, but I knew they shouldn’t be out then.  With the darkness was coming something worse [Than darkness? –ed.] that was terrorizing the campus.  It wasn’t just one thing either, but a general force of evil.

I crossed the green and tried to enter a low, one-level building – the cafeteria, I think – but found my entrance blocked by an array of lit candles and hastily-built wooden… palisades, I think they’d be called.

It was full night now, and other than the glow of the candles (they were large candles) by the carolers and the light in front of me, all was in darkness.  Luckily, someone saw me outside and led me through the front door’s defenses.  I told him I was looking for a girl and he started leading me through a maze of tables and booths all made in a dark wood like cherry and richly stained.

On the way, I saw a girl I didn’t know subtly proposition a guy.  A few moments later, I knew that she was setting him up to be killed by her male partner, though I don’t know whether it was for money or some other reason.

What I do know is that I was led to a room with only one entrance, and after I stepped into the room a knife was thrown into the table in front of me, narrowly missing my hand.  A man appeared behind my guide (who had stayed in the hallway) and threatened me.  Well, threaten isn’t quite the word since he just wanted to kill me.

Mr. Tall, Dark, and Gypsy (long hair, rakish smile) reached a short blade around my guide – said guide quickly vanished – and said that he had to kill me.  I managed to avoid his blade and take it from him, but another quickly sprung to his hand.  He said there was no way he could avoid killing me, but after I stuck the blade I had in his stomach, he had second thoughts, telling me that he’d been paid to kill me, presumably either by the girl I was searching for or because I was searching for her.

I agree to pay him more than he was paid to kill me and also to find a way to heal him (in this dream, that’s a simply as a healing potion) and enter the room.  My assassin and some others from the building are with me, but after only a moment in the room (a bedroom?) there’s the premonition of great evil arriving and we rush out, chased by a palpable malevolence but one more mist than anything.

Everything is in turmoil outside.  The lights are out and a long window on one side of the room I’m in is broken.  Outside are a group of children who have been changed by dark magic into grotesquely-faced fairies.  One of the fairies, a girl, picks up an abandoned mask just inside the window and eagerly puts it on.  It becomes her new face.

Some things you need to know.  The evil that has rampaged through the building I’m in is a werewolf.  The fairy children are carrying balloons.  Also, they aren’t really evil, just no longer human.

I jump out the window and the werewolf follows, but he’s caught in the balloons which the fairy children let go of in surprise.  The werewolf is carried by the balloons over me as I run towards the nearest other building – one I know that houses survivors – and crashes into the woods ahead of me.  As I bang on the window to be let in, the werewolf is struggling free of the balloon strings.

The people inside break the window and I climb through its shattered remains just as the werewolf is at my heels.  Inside, I stand and turn and slice at the werewolf with the blade I took from my would-be assassin.  I slice down again and again and the werewolf is dead.  Also, he’s my brother (Not you, Jason!).

My brother was cursed to be a werewolf and, he tells me as he dies, sent to kill me by our mom (Not you, Mom!) because I… well, I don’t actually know why.  But it’s a pretty traumatic experience nonetheless.

In the aftermath it’s revealed that this turmoil is caused by a mad scientist who lives nearby.  The lord of the place (notice the seam here) has been gone but returns on the heels of my werewolf-slaying and, having arrived, decides to go fight the evil where it originated.

This world, by the way, is revealed to be a future, post-apocalyptic one.  The people who had fled the werewolf and other monsters before were the townsfolk and peasants, and each fled from the buildings into the wastelands in powered one-man vehicles, machines that are low to the ground and have wheels but also highly dexterous mechanical arms.  As the lord prepares his force to go fight the mad scientist, we don power suits, mine looking remarkably like a deep-sea diver suit (Hello, Big Daddy!) but definitely not as bulky.

I’m a knight in the lord’s service, or have been promoted to such with the death of the werewolf.  The girl I’d been searching for walks in a power suit at my side.  As we travel to the mad scientist’s lair, we collect a group of survivors around us eager for protection and the lord notes that their mechanical suits can survive the wasteland, which was not something he knew before (and, was implied, would require some thought after this more immediate issue was dealt with).

The mad scientist’s lair is underground and reached through descending a long elevator.  Really, it’s a round platform open to the elements on the surface that descends down a tube.  I suppose something closes up over me as I descend but I’m not sure and, by the way, I’m going down first because I want to impress the lord with my courage and skills (though I suppose killing the werewolf already did that.  Too late now).

(Here, in a non-dream note, I should mention that it either seems that I’ve dreamed part of this before, or that, since I was on the edge of wakefulness, I was revising the dream as I went, i.e. living through it more than once.  I say that because)

As I descended to the bottom, I prepared myself, because I knew that the elevator would descend through an open hole in the ceiling of the mad scientist’s lair and, as soon as it did, I would need to start shooting if I had any chance of winning.

Or so I thought.  I mean, yes, I started shooting immediately.  My suit had several types of weapons – a regular gun of some sort, a ray of some sort, and a gun that shot single bullets the size of pool balls.  I didn’t have control over which shot when, but it didn’t seem to matter—

Here’s the outline of the mad scientist’s lair.  A large-ish circular room.  There was a walkway around the room lined with desks or computer panels where the scientist’s minions sat… computing, or typing, or doing his taxes, I don’t know, but I got the feeling they were keeping him alive somehow.  The platform took up the center of the room, but I gathered that the center was also used for experiments.  Around the wall, various alcoves held dormant and failed experiments, and sometimes the path around the room went behind the wall so that, even though the room was basically a simple circle, it was maze-like.

—it didn’t seem to matter because all of the mad scientist’s equipment and creations were old and running down.  I killed/destroyed (it’s hard to say which, because even his servants that seemed human had wires running through their bodies and seemed as vacant as calculators) a few of his servants before the elevator hit the floor.  An example of their patheticness: Early in the struggle, the mad scientist threw green powdered acid at me, and I fended it off but had my suit damaged by it.  A thin robot was going to attack me with the same stuff, but ended up throwing the acid all over itself instead – without me doing anything to distract it.

Soon, the mad scientist was on his last legs.  All of his creatures I’d either killed or they (like the thin robot) had destroyed themselves in the battle.  The mad scientist’s suit was inferior to my own, as though he’d given up mad scientisting long ago and was living off residuals.

Of course, here is where I learned several disturbing things.  One is that the mad scientist was actually a super hero (maybe more like Alan Moore’s science heroes) called Power Man.  He also invented/created other heroes meant to, originally, help oppressed peoples, such as two Native American heroes (now defunct and hanging in an alcove like sides of beef in a meat locker) named Billy and James.

And here is where I realized, in the dream (though I’m pretty sure the mad scientist didn’t tell me this), that I was the son of Power Man – I thought I’d been fatherless until that point – and, also, that this Power Man/Mad Scientist was a clone of the original Power Man.  I ended up crying as I defeated him, both because of this realization, and because I didn’t understand why he had to hurt people.

Then I woke up.

Just to recap the three parts:

1. School
2. Feudal environment with werewolf
3. Near-future with mad scientist

Anyone who wants movie rights can contact me here.

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