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Massolit Desk

Who I am

I am a person who is going to try and convince you why I am the right person for your job.  To that effect, you should know that I am a writer who has published poetry, fiction, plays, and non-fiction.  I have experience putting together books of poems and structuring novels, as well as critiquing both.  I have taught at universities for seven years, teaching both beginning and advanced creative writing classes, and have taught smaller, more-focused workshops outside of the university system.

All of which is to say that I have a lot of experience both writing and teaching.  You’ll find specific uses for that experience below.


I offer comprehensive mentoring, line-editing, and developmental critique services for all levels of writers, at any stage of a project.

I specialize in poetry, plays, science-fiction and fantasy novels and short stories, and literary non-fiction. However, I am familiar with and open to all genres of writing.

My goal is to help develop you into a better writer. I will aim my mentoring and critiques toward your personal goals as well, always with a focus on finding ways to help you hone your skills through the project or assignment at hand. I don’t judge your writing for whether it’s good, bad, etc., but always look for ways we can use your current project to improve your mastery of your craft.

How this works:

Send me an email with a description of your project, the services you are interested in, and any specific goals you have in mind.  We will correspond through email and over the phone, using the MS Word Track Changes feature to log my comments/suggestions/corrections to your manuscript.



With the line-editing service, I will go line-by-line in your writing and bring your attention to “small picture” problems such as:

-word choice
-sentence structure
-run-ons, fragments

This is a basic editing service, and does not include any “big picture” critique or suggested alternatives.

Critique – Evaluation with written comments


The critique focuses on improving your writing, and gives feedback and suggestions on larger issues that will polish your current project as well as aid your development as a writer.

For fiction pieces, I will give feedback on such issues as:

-plot arc

For poetry pieces, I will focus primarily on:

-word choice
-poetic arc

Once done with the critique, I will email you your manuscript with my comments in it, and a summary of those comments in the body of the e-mail.

Optional: follow-up phone consultation to review comments, answer any questions you might have.


Starting at 8 bi-weekly sessions for $1600

My mentoring service in writing is most like a 1 on 1 class, not unlike working with an advisor in grad school. There will be bi-weekly assignments/deadlines on which I will give feedback.

During mentoring sessions,  I will become familiar with your unique style and voice and be able to give the most effective critique and direction to you as a writer.

If your goal is to write for publishing, during our mentoring sessions I can also give advice and direction on submitting to journals, querying agents, writing synopses, etc.

Put my experience as a student of writing, teacher and working writer/poet to work for you- to help you start or finish a project, and to become a more skilled writer yourself.

Payment Options

Full payment in advance: There is a 10% discount on all services for full payment in advance.

50% payment in advance: you must pay at least 50% of the total for your services in advance. The other half may be paid upon receipt of my final comments.

A note on pricing:

Pricing is per hour, and varies depending on the project.

On average, I will read through a work while making suggestions at a rate of about 5000 words per hour. This process may take more or less time, depending on how much work the project needs, and your personal goals.  If requested, I will provide an estimate of the cost for the services after looking at a sample of your writing.

Contact Info

If you are interested, you can either contact me by e-mail at thedrellum(at)hotmail(dot)com or call me at 347-416-4904.