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What I’m Reading: March Edition

I Might Be Mistaken by Barbara Duffey I dug through yards of disintegrating feces around the ruins of the temple’s outbuilding, all decked out in goat shit dust. (“Hircine”) Barbara is more of a narrative poet than I am, by … Continue reading

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Unpulped #10: The Weapon Makers by A. E. van Vogt

Today we will be talking about A. E. van Vogt’s THE WEAPON MAKERS. We’ve dealt with van Vogt before, talking about his influence on Philip K. Dick (in terms of throwing in so many new ideas that the novel dissolves … Continue reading

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Unpulped # 8: The World of Null-A by A. E. van Vogt

So I recently finished reading A. E. van Vogt’s The World of Null-A, a story about a guy named Gosseyn who uses the ideas of General Semantics to thwart an invasion of our solar system. However, today I’m less interested … Continue reading

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