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On Giving Up All Pretense

For example, keeping this blog regularly updated. It’s true, I managed to pound out a post a day for a year and so one would think (wouldn’t one?) that writing a post a week (at the least) would be relatively … Continue reading

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On Coming to a Crossroads

I. The whole A Year of Living Bloggily experiment was an attempt to figure out what purpose (or what porpoise) a blog served in my writing life.  I hoped that writing a blog a day for a year would somehow … Continue reading

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On Returning to the Future

As you well know (and you know you do) I am in love with form.  Maybe not form in everything, but form in art.  I’m especially in love with it because I it aids in my creative process.  If I’m … Continue reading

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On Nano-posting and NANO Fiction

So, as you might have noticed, I’ve stopped posting everyday since my Year of Living Bloggily successfully ended (and, Oh, how I was afraid it wouldn’t, that I’d keep writing forever, every morning, until, alas, my fingers absconded for parts … Continue reading

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On the Blog as We Know It Coming to an End

Today is the final day in the year-long experiment that was titled, naturally, A Year of Living Bloggily. I’ll start off with a song I recently fell in love with.  It reminds me of my friend Jason (he once gave … Continue reading

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On What I Dearly Wanted This Blog to Be But Did Not Know It

This is what I wanted my blog to be: Go ahead and click on it.  There you will find awesomeness.  Be sure to also check out the two About pages as they will enlighten you beyond all enlightenhood. I am … Continue reading

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On Coming to the End

Man, does that sound like a depressing subject.  But all is not lost! A. Phoebe North (you can find her blog here) just finished the first draft of her second novel, a novel that has agent(s) clamoring to get their … Continue reading

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