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On Blogs Going Downhill

So… tell me why I thought it was a good idea to write a blog every day for a year? Answers in the comments section of this post will be entered into a drawing where the prize will be AN … Continue reading

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On How I Totally Have Not Been Spamming Spam from Spammers

For my blog has recently become a target for spam-commenters. For this targeting is focused around my post entitled “On How I Totally Have Not Been Taking Advice from Experts.” For this topic, apparently, is like chum spilled into the … Continue reading

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On How Being a Poet Has Prepared Me For Being Published

Today I read this: “The Confessions of a Semi-Successful Author” In it, a pseudonymous author bewails her fate – pseudonymously – regarding her publishing career which has included several large advances, award-winning books and, except for one book, low-ish sales … Continue reading

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On Blogging Other Countries

Those of you in the know know that I spent two months and some odd days in Kraków, Poland over the 2007/2008 winter.  If you knew that at the time I was there, then you might have stopped by this … Continue reading

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On How I Have Totally Not Been Taking Writing Advice from Experts

I’ve been distracting myself lately.  No, not with clowns. Or kittens. Ironically enough, I’ve been distracting myself (as you might guess from the title of this post) with blogs on publishing and writing and agenting, most of which emphasize one … Continue reading

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On Editing to Your Specifications

So… as a writer, I live in a vacuum.  It’s dirty in here, but every once in a while some nice giant comes along and shakes all the dust, dirt, and grime out. As a writer – or, at least, … Continue reading

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Game Diary: but that was [yesterday]

A month or so ago I signed up to be a judge for the jayisgames.com Ninth Game Design Competition.  As you might expect, at that moment I was looking for even more ways to waste my time, but at least … Continue reading

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Teaser Park: God’s Teeth

I have fallen under the wheels of a very large bandwagon. I don’t know all of the bandwagonees, but I found through Phoebe North and the forums on Absolute Write that there’s a loosely-knit (and easily unraveled?) group of writers … Continue reading

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On the Date Below Being Revealed as a Lie

I work in patterns.  I inhabit forms. For me, they provide creative inspiration.  It doesn’t matter whether I’m using an established form (a sonnet) or one of my own devising (say, in my most recent novel work-in-progress, using very short … Continue reading

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On Being International

So… You’re entertained.  Yes, I get it.  I got it.  Good. Today, we’re done with entertainment.  It has had its day, and its day is done, the sun is set, and we in the city are left with a paltry … Continue reading

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