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Advertising! In Earnest!

Although I suppose all advertising is in earnest: It wants you to buy whatever it is it’s selling. And although “buy” can be metaphorical — in that the advertising wants you to accept, put faith in, believe, not simply spend … Continue reading

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All praise! He’s found the awful truth!

and other Blue Öyster Cult quotes! In none journal-related news, I finished the Basso review today. I don’t think I’m going to end up reviewing Catafalques because I’m not sure I’ll have much more to say than I’ve already said … Continue reading

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My soul is not a cat (sorry, Jeoffrey)

Philip Pullman’s His Dark Materials trilogy is a good read (I say, though it was five plus years ago when I read them), and looks to be at least a visually arresting movie, and probably more depth-laden and complicated than … Continue reading

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Dance Dance Revolution

and those two things aren’t related. DANCE: Tonight I and Erin and Shannon and Kara will be taking part in the Dance Gathering, a one-night event (starting at 7 pm! At the Barnevelder! Only $10 or $12 dollars!) that is … Continue reading

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The only thing keeping me dry

Not really the promised explanation: In fact, not at all.                                       Tonight is the last night of the dance piece I’m in that’s part of Dance Houston and I’m looking forward to more free time, though one of the other dancers … Continue reading

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