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This! This is what I want my writing to do!

Every time I watch this video, it makes me cry. The question I ask myself, I suppose, is why.  What is it about the broken-up timeline that makes the video so effective?  Why would it not be as effective if … Continue reading

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Kickstarting the Kickstarter (which just brings to mind Firestarter)

which is a song and a video I am not going to link to here. Instead, I will link to this: The Postcard Story.  It’s a combination (pizza hut/taco bell) photography and fiction project that my friend Ashley MacLean and … Continue reading

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The Madness of Tim Curry (and other theatricals)

The madness of Tim Curry (see title) is a special kind of insanity.  It’s the true actor’s gift — the ability to be fully invested in whatever scene and character you are performing at the time.  For example, watch this: … Continue reading

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Why I love Jim Henson

It’s not because he has a beard. It’s not because he’s goofy. It’s because, despite the mythology surrounding Sesame Street that paints him as an uber-nice guy (which he might well be), he’s complicated and crass and commercial.  I submit … Continue reading

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My Mom Already Has More Views Than I Do

is the subject of this post.  And here is the video for which she has more views. She’s the one that’s a she, said she centered (for the most part) in the screen. I’m not jealous. After all, I don’t … Continue reading

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On Things I Do Not Believe

At the top of the list would be this video: Actually, all of the Wendy’s training videos.   These are the products of a demented executive.  I ask you, what is going on here?  Are they serious?  Who are they?  And … Continue reading

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On WTFness

Seriously, there’s a smoking clown that appears for all of two scenes and, perhaps, two seconds.  What does he do?  Smoke against a sky full of white clouds in the first scene, and throw the cigarette to the ground in … Continue reading

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On Entertaining Through Teaching (or the Other Way Around)

No one ever wants to take a composition class. That’s the first hurdle in teaching I always faced – convincing the students that they actually want to be in the class they find themselves forced, by the college, to take.  … Continue reading

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On The Room

The Room is a movie by Tommy Wiseau that he directed, wrote, produced, and starred in.  As you might guess from such a wealth of positions, it was no large effort for him to arrange two sex scenes for himself … Continue reading

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On the Seduction of The Green Slime

I’ve tweeted about this, but as I’m currently tweeting into a void (see my post on The Experiment on a Bird in the Air Pump) I’ll relay my thoughts and comments here, expanded from their 140 word condescension.  Condensation.  Continuance? … Continue reading

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