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Kickstarting the Kickstarter (which just brings to mind Firestarter)

which is a song and a video I am not going to link to here. Instead, I will link to this: The Postcard Story.  It’s a combination (pizza hut/taco bell) photography and fiction project that my friend Ashley MacLean and … Continue reading

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Politics vs. Art: Lemony Occupies Wall Street

I know very little about the Occupy Wall Street movement, and for this I feel guilty.  What I know is that it’s a non-violent protest movement addressing (in part, at least) the vast inequalities between the rich and the poor … Continue reading

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What has really been annoying me in advertising

Dear Poets & Writers, Please stop pretending that we’re friends. Please stop pretending that what we shared that one time late at night at our mutual friend’s party was anything other than a drunken hook-up.  You know it, I know … Continue reading

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Confessions of a Letter Writer

Dear Everyone, I really love writing letters. I say this even though, for the most part, I type them and, for the most part, I’ve written very few letters over the years.  Last year, for example, I wrote twenty-nine. Which, … Continue reading

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In the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

What happened was this: A person leaving the bar from point A (the bar’s parking lot) wanted to get to point B (the street directly across from the bar’s parking lot) by crossing Line C (Westheimer, a busy road).  They … Continue reading

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On Celebrity

I don’t see much in the way of fame working at Poison Girl.  At one point, the bar was lauded for being the place where all the local rock stars hang out.  I guess that was true (and still might … Continue reading

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On Returning to the Future

As you well know (and you know you do) I am in love with form.  Maybe not form in everything, but form in art.  I’m especially in love with it because I it aids in my creative process.  If I’m … Continue reading

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