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Shortcut #58: Dhalgren

I really like Samuel R. Delany.  I first read his The Einstein Intersection, then found out that he wrote criticism and so enveloped myself in his exquisite book The Jewel-Hinged Jaw.  After that, I read Babel-17 and Empire Star.  I … Continue reading

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On Backstory OR Please, Get Back to the Story

The backstory is the story you “need to know” before the story begins. [But doesn’t the story start as soon as you read the first word? –ed.] How little you know, dear editor.  The story is what takes place only … Continue reading

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Shortcut #16: Triton

To be honest, I don’t know how to use tags. True, I cut them from my clothing, I rip them off of bed linens and pillows, and I attach them to blog posts. At least with the non-blog related efforts, … Continue reading

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