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I have graduamacated (and a cat!)

Forgive me, as I’m typing this with one hand — I may be a little slow.  Those two ideas may not be related. I am now a doctor.  Of philosophy.  But not of Philosophy.  How confusing it all becomes. Okay, … Continue reading

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Dissertation Acheived!!! woot!!!!!!! ———– p.s. of course that misspelling was on purpose! i am a doctor after all.

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A dissertation of a defense

Tomorrow I’m dissertating in my defense. Mom, Jason, I apologize for being out of touch more than usual. I have so much to do right now, especially after a four-day bacchanal in Atlanta. This includes catching up on school, by … Continue reading

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My computer is a technophobe

and it’s starting to get to me. What does it take to get a drink in this place? What does it take? How long must I wait? Music does amazing things with words, adding emotional slants that certainly aren’t there … Continue reading

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