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On Entertaining Through Teaching (or the Other Way Around)

No one ever wants to take a composition class. That’s the first hurdle in teaching I always faced – convincing the students that they actually want to be in the class they find themselves forced, by the college, to take.  … Continue reading

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On Reviewing a Class on Reviews

First, this premise: Reviews are a genre. Most people tend to think of reviews as a discrete and specific form that really only has one product: the review.  Whether it’s a movie, book, play, music, or restaurant, the review has … Continue reading

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On Selling Yourself… Oneself… Myself?

Hunting season for academics begins in the middle of September.  Universities post their requirements for what kind of meat they need to fill their seats, and said meat, in a stark reversal of normal hunting policies, shotguns applications at the … Continue reading

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Yelling in another language is a rose is a rose is a rose

I have officially given up hope on replies regarding any of my interviews. Which means my hopeful bent for a job in the upcoming year has been unbent. I still have a number of applications out there, and have three … Continue reading

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Polish Language Lesson Trzynascie

Potrzebuję koperti. = I need envelopes. I haven’t used this phrase yet. When I’ve gone to the post office (Poczty Głowny) so far (technically, that’s how you say the Main Post Office) I’ve used English, because I feel horribly embarrassed … Continue reading

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Three weeks in the City, living it up!!! AAAAAAAAAARGH!

There are homeless everywhere. [Editor’s Note: The author means everywhere in the world, not everywhere in Kraków. Clearly. Don’t get angry at me, Krakovians, get angry at the writer’s poor command of context.] Okay, maybe he wasn’t homeless. Maybe they … Continue reading

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Sickity. Sickity. Sick.

If I hadn’t gotten rid of the picture of Jeoffrey curled in my bed, that’s the picture I would’ve used. Last night I went to sleep early, felt like I was burning in my sheets, and the only reason I’m … Continue reading

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