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Politics vs. Art: Lemony Occupies Wall Street

I know very little about the Occupy Wall Street movement, and for this I feel guilty.  What I know is that it’s a non-violent protest movement addressing (in part, at least) the vast inequalities between the rich and the poor … Continue reading

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What has really been annoying me in advertising

Dear Poets & Writers, Please stop pretending that we’re friends. Please stop pretending that what we shared that one time late at night at our mutual friend’s party was anything other than a drunken hook-up.  You know it, I know … Continue reading

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On What I Looted From Borders’ Corpse and Why

Today was the last day that Borders was open (also, by that you might realize that today is not in fact today, but the day of several weeks ago).  Megan and I went to breakfast at House of Pies, then … Continue reading

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In the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

What happened was this: A person leaving the bar from point A (the bar’s parking lot) wanted to get to point B (the street directly across from the bar’s parking lot) by crossing Line C (Westheimer, a busy road).  They … Continue reading

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On More (and More (and More))

I first saw Mark Osborne’s short film More a long time ago.  I feel I must have seen it on television, late night, maybe as part of MTV’s Liquid Television or some other venue for short, dark, inventive films.  It … Continue reading

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On Conspiracy Theories

Sometime last year, when I was still going to Empire Cafe (before they fired two of my friends in seemingly shady circumstances), I learned about chemtrails and the weaponization of the atmosphere.  And my mind was blown. At Empire, I … Continue reading

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On Thieves’ World and, in Particular, This Quote

“She just looked up at him, her eyes full of a surety and power that her little, female body shouldn’t have been able to contain, let alone radiate.” That quote is from Janet Morris’ story “Wake of the Riddler” from … Continue reading

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