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The Madness of Tim Curry (and other theatricals)

The madness of Tim Curry (see title) is a special kind of insanity.  It’s the true actor’s gift — the ability to be fully invested in whatever scene and character you are performing at the time.  For example, watch this: … Continue reading

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In the Wrong Place at the Wrong Time

What happened was this: A person leaving the bar from point A (the bar’s parking lot) wanted to get to point B (the street directly across from the bar’s parking lot) by crossing Line C (Westheimer, a busy road).  They … Continue reading

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On Behaving Like an Actor on the Stage

When I started, I was a poor actor.  Now, I’m still a poor actor, but at least I’m not in debt. But what, forsooth, you might be thinking, was the problem with your acting? Namely, this: That I was too … Continue reading

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On Cancelling Shows, Namely, Tonight’s

First, the bad news: There will be no show tonight.  Due to a complication with our lead actor, the Thursday (7/29) showing of “Tuned to a Dead Channel” had to be cancelled. Then, the good news: However, the rest of … Continue reading

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On Understudies

Question the First: What do you do if you can’t fit under the desk? The problem with understudying is that your position is, by definition, expendable.  Not you, yourself, no.  And not actually the position of understudy, either.  But in … Continue reading

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On Having Lied About What I Would Write About Today

Sorry for all of you Ionesco enthusiasts who were dying to hear about my thoughts re: his most famous play Rhinoceros that would’ve been quickly followed in the days ahead by thoughts re: The Killer and a number of his … Continue reading

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First Night Blues

By the time you read this, the first performance of “Oedipus and the Sphinx” will be over.  The curtain will have gone up, the actors will have said their pieces, and the curtain will have fallen. Except there is no … Continue reading

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